Specialty Training Requirements

Dementia and Mental Health Specialty Training are required if you provide care for someone with either a dementia or mental health diagnoses.  For training requirements and timeline, click the "Training" button link below.



Mental Health
Specialty Training

The exam for the Manager Certification is time consuming with a combination of short answers, true/false, matching and multiple choice questions.  If requiring the Manager Certification, instructor must be notified ahead of time and separate testing times may be scheduled with instructor. Class is 6 hours. I teach the Manager’s curriculum to all students, however there are separate tests for the Long Term Care Worker (Caregiver) or Manager Certification.


COST FOR Mental Health specialty TRAINING

$90 - Manager’s Certification $89 - LTC Worker Certification.

Continuing Education

I have many topics available for Continuing Education to complete the 12 hours of required CEU’s each year.  Contact me to schedule a training or learn more!

Dementia &
Mental Health Training 

Dementia Capable Caregiving (Previously Dementia Specialty Training) I am currently certified to teach the NEW Dementia Capable Caregiving curriculum which is being released 2017. With the new curriculum, there is no differentiation between caregiver and manager training.  The same curriculum and test is currently used for both certifications until a new Manager’s version is created. Class is 8 hours.


COST FOR Dementia & Mental Health TRAINING

$90 - Includes both Manager’s Certification and LTC Worker Certification.


Adult CPR/First Aid

Training is taught using the Health & Safety Institute curriculum. Click here to take the training via the H&S Institute curriculum.


CPR Certification

CPR Certifications are valid for 2 years. Class is interactive. Students will be taught how to recognize emergencies, how to protect themselves as a first responder, Adult CPR and cardiac emergencies, conscious and unconscious choking, etc.   Students will be required to pass a written exam as well as skills.  


first aid certifications

First Aid Certifications are valid for 2 years. Class is also interactive.  Students will learn about various emergencies such as sudden injuries and sudden illnesses.  Students will be required to pass a written exam as well as skills.

Cost for CPR & First Aid Training

$55 for Both CPR/1st Aid 

$40 for CPR only 

$25 for First Aid only 

$30 to challenge CPR (if taken previously with me) 

$15 to challenge 1st Aid (if taken previously with me)