"Watching my grandfather care for my grandmother with such love and compassion as she suffered from Alzheimer’s, led me down the path to pursuing my career as a Caregiver Specialist."

CEO/Founder Megan Maples has been professionally training employees in various business settings for over 20 years. Megan started working with the elderly in 1994 and eventually found her passion as an educator to direct care staff in Adult Day Health and Assisted Living settings. Megan has experience as both a personal and professional caregiver as well as a hands on trainer for staff. In 1997, Megan began her career in Assisted Living and has worked in various communities in different capacities. Because of her years of experience working hands on with both staff and residents, Megan is able to meet the needs of the training requirements while making the curriculum interesting and valuable to all employees. Having been both a professional caregiver, but also a family member of both her grandmother and father in law, has given Megan the ability to teach her students compassion by engaging them in each class and hopefully giving them understanding and the tools they need to handle any situation they come in contact with as a caregiver. Megan became an instructor through DSHS for the specialty training in 2002.

our policies

  • Students are required to be sure to arrive to the training location with enough time to find parking and get settled in class PRIOR to the class start time. Any student arriving more than 15 minutes late may not be allowed in the class due to disruption to others and will be charged a late/no show fee.

  • Students who no call/no show for a scheduled class are subject to a $10 no show fee. Space is limited and there is a great deal of planning and effort that goes into each training class. When students fail to show up, it denies another student the opportunity to take the class.  If an organization has registered an employee, the organization will be billed for the no show fee.

  • Invoices will be submitted upon completion of the class to companies that have previously set up an account. Payment will be due in 30 days.  There will be a 5% Monthly Finance Charge applied to any outstanding accounts.  Payment is due the day of training for students paying  privately or payment may be made prior to the class online.

  • All CPR & First Aid Training is good for 2 years!